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Elmo presents an innovative, free-to-use programming tool which allows you to take motion control into your own hands. Composer2 is a powerful new tool which enables machine designers to easily develop, test and implement their own control algorithms within Elmo’s Platinum drives and multi-axis motion controllers. Integrated inside MathWorks Simulink® Real Time Workshop as a module, Composer2 contains a library of blocks which can be used for fast and easy generation of motion control algorithms. The composed code is then cross-compiled and can be readily downloaded directly on the Platinum drives or Maestro motion controller platform. Composer2 code is then tested and executed in the real-time environment.

Business benefits

  • Accelerate your control algorithms development process
  • Gain full power and control over the motion specifics of your system 
  • Deploy fewer and less experienced staff for code development
  • Economize on hardware

Key functionalities

  • Automatically generates code which can be executed at the drive level in real-time environment, enabling access to a rich set of advanced Platinum interfaces
  • Performance-optimized blocks allow easy algorithms design & development
  • System-level simulations allow rapid system validation
  • Access to measurement devices such as Inertial Sensors, Gyros & IMUs plus many more
  • Ability to develop custom communication protocols to any host including real-time communications over serial links
  • Easily design, configure, simulate, test and implement any robot kinematics

Unique Value Propositions

  • Innovation    /  Empower Developer’s Vision /  Accessibility  /  Customization

Platinum Twitter

Platinum Twitter
Up to 80A/80V, 70A/100V, 30A/200V

Platinum Solo Twitter
Up to 80A/80V, 70A/100V

Platinum Whistle

Platinum Whistle
Up to 25A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 2kW of continuous power

Platinum Solo Whistle
Up to 25A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 2kW of continuous power

Platinum Bell

Platinum Bell
Up to 25A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 2kW of Continuous Power

Platinum Solo Bell
Up to 25A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 2kW of Continuous Power

Platinum Solo Quartet

Platinum Solo Quartet
4X 5000W Servo Drive Motion-Controller

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Next Generation World’s Smallest
 Most Powerful Servo Drive

Next Generation World’s Smallest “Ready to Use” Servo Drive

Next Generation Miniature
Most Powerful Servo Drive

Next Generation Miniature “Ready
 to Use” Most Powerful Servo Drive

Next Generation Servo
Driving “Any Motor”

Next Generation “Ready to Use” Servo Driving “Any Motor”

4-Axis Miniature “Ready to Use”
Motion System

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Platinum Quartet String

Platinum Cimbasso

Platinum Harmonica

Ultra Compact 4-Axis complete
 “ready to use” Motion Control System 

Smallest, High Voltage, 
Functional Safety- Certified 

High Power, Ultra Compact Functional Safety- Certified 


4 X 16A Continuous, 400VDC

Up to 50A (100 peak)/100V, R35A/200V


Composer2 is fully compatible with all Platinum Servo Drives, including the Multi Axes Quartet & the Platinum Maestro (Multi Axis Controller).

Run Your Own Algorithms on Elmo’s Servo Drives

Whatever you do, you can now do better.

COMPOSER2® tool allows SIL (Software in the Loop) execution also at the servo drive level.

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