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Field Proven Best-in-Class 
Servo Drives

Designed to meet the evolving needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the Elmo Gold line delivers the highest throughput with absolute yield,  functionality, and ease-of-use. Design better machines with Gold drives that help machine manufacturers ensure superior motion-control at utmost efficiency and shortest time to market.

Discover Gold Line Highlights

  • Perfect Servo and Motion Control
  • Smallest and Lightest
  • Ultra-Efficient Power Conversion
  • Highest Power and Intelligence Density
  • Ruggedness
  • Negligible EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interferences)
  • Utmost Reliability
  • Easy to Integrate, Simple to Operate
  • Precise and Efficient Networking (EtherCAT, CANOpen)
  • Uncompromised 'By the Book' Safety

Gold Twitter

Gold Twitter
Up to 80A/80V, 70A/100V, 30A/200V

Gold Solo Twitter
Up to 50A/60V, 15A/200V Up to 5kW of continuous power

Gold Whistle

Gold Whistle
Up to 20A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 1.6kW of continuous power

Gold Solo Whistle
Up to 20A/100V, 9A/200V Up to 1.6kW of continuous power

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The NANO Servo Drive that provides over 5500 qualitative Watts

The 'Connect and Use' Servo Drive that delivers up to 5000 Watts 

Miniature, Network-based Servo Drive

Miniature, Stand-alone Network-based
 Servo Drive


Gold Maestro

Multi Axis Network Based Motion Controller


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Automated Guided Vehicle

Laser Processing

Configure programs and analyze every feature and capability of Elmo’s servo drives and motion controllers with the Elmo Application Studio (EAS). It empowers designers to translate specific motion control design tool needs into capabilities quickly and simply. The EAS’ new interface walks you through configurations, motion programming, system integration, and tasks.  

Innovative Elmo Application Studio (EAS)

The Smallest Servo Drive
to Run 480VAC

Gold Oboe
10A/480VAC, 16A/230VAC

Compact, Panel-mount network-based Servo Drive

Gold DC Whistle
1-20A/100VDC, 3-9A/200VDC